Tailored Programs for Thriving Long-Term Sobriety

Case Mgmt and Recovery Coaching

Tailored guidance for your sobriety journey with a personalized treatment plan

Family and Individual Counseling

Empowering healing and fostering stronger relationships by utilizing different coping strategies

Intervention Services

In-house certified interventionist to lead you and your loved ones to the path of long-term recovery

Legal Support

Your safety and protection is of the utmost importance. Among other things, we can provide letters of leniency to a judge to improve your outcome

Job Placement Assistance

Identifying job opportunities through our wide network of employers to secure a brighter future for you

Discharge and Aftercare

Smooth transition to a thriving sober life with continuous aftercare resources and support after discharge

Finding Freedom

Empowering your journey to sobriety and freedom

At Archway Recovery, we believe that true recovery brings freedom, and our comprehensive range of programs are designed to meet you where you’re at, every step of the way.

  • Tailored treatment plans that respect your individual sobriety journey
  • Experienced team that offers unwavering support, insights and genuine care
  • Focus on holistic healing: mind, body and soul
  • Relationship building and a sense of community
  • Complete aftercare and discharge planning for a life of freedom

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your admissions criteria?

We are a men's sober living facility so you must be a male who is dedicated to living a life of recovery. Our goal at Archway is to help you or your loved one maintain an entire lifetime of sobriety.

Do you accept insurance and cash pay?

We are strictly cash pay at this time but we do offer scholarships on a case by case basis.

What type of housing do you offer?

We offer high quality sober living  homes in centrally located areas of Dallas Texas. Our goal is to set ourselves apart from the average sober living.

Who will be leading my treatment?

Our treatment specialist work hands on with you or your loved one on a daily basis, meeting them where they are at for their own individual needs. We understand that everyone is different, and not every person needs the same thing.

How does Archway Recovery Homes differ from other sober living facilities in Dallas, Texas?

At Archway we don’t believe in rigidness. We don’t expect everyone who is newly sober to be perfect, that being said we meet people where they are at and work with them individually as they encounter obstacles along their journey.