Family and Individual Counseling

At Archway Recovery, we deeply appreciate that sobriety is not a journey taken alone but a path shared with your loved ones. Our Family and Individual Counseling services shine as a source of healing, support, and connection for both individuals and their families. We’re dedicated to fostering strength, unity, and enduring recovery for all.

Strengthening Bonds

Your compassionate counseling team focuses on mending relationships and fostering connections within families. We offer individual counseling sessions to support personal growth and group sessions to rebuild trust and strengthen bonds. Our goal is to help families thrive together in recovery.


We recognize that each individual has unique needs and challenges. Our counselors are here to help you set and achieve the goals that align with your specific journey. We will collaborate to create milestones for your goals and celebrate the small wins along the way. Whether you’re an individual in recovery or a family member seeking guidance, we’re committed to empowering you every step of the way.