Legal Support

Our team understands that addiction can sometimes lead to legal challenges. Our Legal Support services are designed to offer guidance and assistance to individuals navigating these complex situations. Our top priority is the safety and protection of our clients, and we respect their privacy at all times. We work in collaboration with the client’s legal team to provide necessary information to the court, and we believe in the significance of second chances, offering letters of leniency to highlight personal achievements and a commitment to positive change.

Legal Guidance and Privacy

While we are not attorneys, Archway Recovery is dedicated to assisting individuals facing legal troubles related to addiction. We prioritize client safety and privacy, and we never share information with law enforcement without consent or a subpoena. Our collaborative approach with the client’s legal representatives ensures that their stay is well-documented and that the court receives the necessary information.

Offering a Second Chance

The founders of Archway Recovery have been in your exact shoes and they created this sober living home to give other individuals the second chance they deserve.

To put this in action, we provide letters of leniency to the judge, which emphasize the defendant’s personal achievements, contributions to society, and genuine feelings of remorse. These letters can offer a comprehensive perspective that may not be evident during a trial. We’re dedicated to helping our clients move forward and make positive life changes.