Discharge and Aftercare

Your journey to recovery extends far beyond your stay with us. Our Discharge and Aftercare services are designed to provide you with a solid foundation for your new life in sobriety. Discover what to expect after your discharge and how our aftercare support will be there to guide you every step of the way

What Happens After Discharge?

Our journey together doesn’t end after you successfully discharge from our home. After discharge, you can expect a structured transition plan. We’ll help you navigate this crucial phase, ensuring you have the tools and support you need to maintain your sobriety. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Personalized aftercare recommendations to ensure ongoing support.
    • Referrals to trusted community resources for continued therapy and counseling.
    • Guidance on creating a stable living environment.
    • Assistance in setting and achieving post-treatment goals.

Your Aftercare Journey

Aftercare is just as important as the treatment you receive while under our care. We provide a range of options to ensure that your recovery is sustainable for the long-term:

    • Local AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings for ongoing support and connection.
    • Employment assistance to help you rebuild your career and financial stability.
    • Educational opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge.
    • Supportive housing options to ensure a stable living environment.
    • Continued access to our professional network for counseling and therapy.

Whether it’s ongoing counseling, group support, or access to community resources, we’re committed to being your partner in the journey to lasting recovery.

Archway Recovery Alumni Program

Community is at the heart of lasting recovery. Our Alumni Program is designed to provide ongoing support and connections for individuals who have completed their journey with us. We offer a range of ways to stay connected and engaged:

    • Regular alumni events and gatherings to maintain relationships and build new connections.
    • Access to a private online community where you can share your journey, offer support, and stay informed about resources.
    • Opportunities to mentor and support individuals who are currently in the recovery process.
    • Assistance in navigating life transitions, such as employment, relocation and family matters