Archway Recovery Homes is for for men who have successfully completed a certified rehabilitation program.

Residents Must Be Committed to the 12 Steps.


At Archway Recovery, we know changing behavior and establishing new habits is vital to achieve sobriety. That’s why we offer much-needed routine to our residents of our recovery home.

Archway Recovery is designed and structured to enhance our resident’s personal and professional growth, helping them to become reliable, responsible and self supporting. We focus on a developing a healthy lifestyle by following the 12-Step Program while learning life skills.

They Say

"I heard about Archway Recovery while I was in treatment. After being incarcerated for 4 months and then attending rehab for a month. I wanted to find a place I could call home, have accountability, and structure. The comradery in the home is truly what I love the most. Guys from different backgrounds all trying to maintain sobriety. I feel that the structure and love I feel in the home has helped me to be a better human. Real love and compassion, with work on my end has helped me to find a sense of peace and serenity I have never had in any other sober living. In seven years I have never felt the way I do now. "

Kyle T. 


Archway Recovery Homes Director and Co-Founder

Adam Goshi, Director and Co-Founder of White Rock Recovery Homes, Dallas, Texas

Adam Goshi, Director and Co-Founder of Archway Recovery Homes

About Adam Ghoshi

Adam Ghoshi was born and raised in Garland, Texas.

Through his own personal struggles with addiction and alcoholism, Adam developed a passion for helping individuals suffering, find freedom from their addiction.

Adam finds that the most effective route to achieving long-term sobriety is through intense work with the family in conjunction to addressing the symptoms of the sufferer.

Adam is a trained interventionist, He has held numerous positions in field of substance abuse ranging from the following positions: working directly with clients at the facility, facilitating educational groups, working with adolescents in their approach to recovery, managing sober living homes, coordinating admissions, assisting in staging/performing interventions, and one-on-one recovery coaching. These invaluable experiences have given Adam the opportunity to convey the message of freedom that Archway Recovery offers to individuals suffering in the Dallas area. 


Archway Recovery Homes Staff

We ask that Archway Recovery Home Residents adhere to a number of simple rules to maintain a positive culture that’s serious about sobriety:

  • Zero Tolerance Drug Policy
  • Participation in Group Activities
  • 12-Step and Work Meeting Attendance
  • Seek Gainful Employment or Attend School
  • Complete Daily Chores
  • Discover new healthy habits that promote health and wellness

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Archway Recovery Home For Men - Dallas Texas

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